[EU Region] Scheduled Metadata Database maintenance
Scheduled for Oct 12, 00:00 - 01:00 PDT
On Tuesday, October 12th from 09:00 to 10:00 CEST (Tuesday, October 12th from 07:00 to 08:00 UTC) we will be performing maintenance on the PlazmaDB Metadata database. During the maintenance we will scale-up the Metadata database to increase its capacity, which will improve performance and reliability.

Although the maintenance window duration is 60 minutes, the database will only become unreachable for a portion of the operation, which should last no longer than 5 minutes in total. We expect this to be followed by a recovery period of around 30 minutes during which the system will gradually return to full throughput.

# Impact

During the maintenance and recovery, customers may experience the following:

- Streaming, Mobile, and JavaScript/Browser imports delay

Streaming import (through td-agent or fluentd) requests will continue to be accepted as usual but the requests will remain queued until after the database maintenance is complete. We expect stream import processing to be further delayed during recovery.
The same will apply to import requests from Browsers (Javascript SDK), Mobiles (Android, iOS, and Unity SDKs), and Postback APIs.

- Jobs execution delay

All jobs (Presto, Hive, Data Connector Integrations, Bulk Import, Export, and Partial Delete jobs submitted from Console, API, Workflow or triggered by our system according to the configured schedule) will be delayed and will be automatically retried until they succeed after the downtime period. During recovery, we expect jobs to begin processing slowly: within 30 minutes job processing should reach back to full throughput.

- Presto JDBC / ODBC Gateway return errors during downtime

The Presto JDBC / ODBC Gateway will return errors during the downtime period.

- Table creation return errors during downtime

During the downtime period, REST API requests to create tables will fail and will need to be retried. On the other hand, attempts to create tables via SQL or Workflow will be delayed and will be automatically retried until they succeed after the downtime period.

- Console execution delay

Data Workbench and Audience Studio will show that jobs are running longer due to underlying job execution delay due to failure of the underlying Parent Segments, Segments, and Workflows jobs that overlap with the maintenance period. During recovery, we expect processing of Data Workbench and Audience Studio jobs to follow the same recovery pattern as all other jobs (see above).

- Data Access API (beta) return errors during downtime

Data Access API (Plazma Public API) for Spark will return errors during downtime period.

# Communication

Beyond this notice, we will provide updates approximately 1 hour before the beginning of the maintenance window, at the start and completion of the operation, and once the verification is complete. At that time, all systems will have returned to full functionality and the Scheduled Maintenance will be closed.

If you have any question or concern about this upgrade, please feel free to reach out to our Support team at support@treasuredata.com.
Posted Sep 14, 2021 - 00:16 PDT
This scheduled maintenance affects: EU (Web Interface, REST API, Streaming Import REST API, Mobile/Javascript REST API, Data Connector Integrations, Hadoop / Hive Query Engine, Presto Query Engine, Presto JDBC/ODBC Gateway, Workflow, CDP API, Data Access API (beta)).